Buying A Premium WordPress Theme. (2)

The Backup Ads option tells Google what to do if there are no targeted ads available to display. Create a new widget by selecting Text from Available Widgets, then dragging and dropping it where you want the ad to display. Once the widget is in place, provide a title for it and then paste the code from the previous step into the content field.

  • Set Realm Name = example, and User DB Location = /usr/local/lsws/conf/PASS
  • Click on the Edit which I have Greened
  • Rm nginx-conf/nginx.conf
  • Stop Editing
  • Give your users a success message or redirect them elsewhere after they complete a form

Copy this code and save it for the next step. Enable one or more page types you’d like your ads to appear on, then click Save. If you are familiar with CSS, then the code is self-explanatory to you. There are plenty of them to choose from, so we recommend you research each option by reading through its reviews and ratings.

You can choose a good theme based on reviews on blogs and which is bought thousands of times, and rated up to 3 to 4 stars by a large number of buyers. If the formatting is off for the area you chose, you can either go back to AdSense and edit the ad unit to fit your layout, or you can pick a different location for it by creating a new widget using the steps above.

Next, make sure all the dropdown menu items match up to the form field title found above each dropdown menu. Follow the first two steps above to generate the code you will need, then install the Ad Inserter plugin. If you want to create a blog website then you have to choose such kind of theme that will match with the website subject, and if you want to create an online store website then you have to choose a theme that will match this kinde of website.

Attention to details, well written code and optimized images helped us create such a fast theme. It’s optimized for building single-purpose sites like resumes, portfolios, or online business cards. Our support and service run your virtual business automated for confident that we have 30 days money back guarantee! While signing up only takes a few minutes, Google may take up to 3 days to approve your application, why is wordpress so slow so you might need to wait a while. The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account with Google AdSense. The first screen will list your current Gmail accounts and ask you to select the one you want to use, or prompt you to create a new account altogether.